Here’s a selection of media outlets which have focused on Imara’s contributions as a thought leader, public figure and content creator.

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Proud Boys Plan to Crash Drag Storytime on Heels of Club Q Shooting: as the outpouring of grief over the Club Q shooting continues, the Proud Boys are set to protest another drag event.



How the American anti-LGBTQ hate machine is posing a threat to Canadians: in the wake of the Colorado nightclub shooting, ex-intelligence official warns of spillover effects of U.S. politics



The aftermath of another mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub: A man attends a candlelight vigil at Temple Beit Torah in Colorado Springs, Colorado to pay their respects to the victims of the mass shooting at Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub.



How Anti-Trans Rhetoric Set the Stage for the Club Q Shooting: The attack punctuated a year in which right-wing and centrist media have demonized trans and queer people to no end.

USA Today

USA Today

Instead of 'deadnaming,' police take bold step of verifying Colorado shooting victims' names, pronouns



In wake of Colorado nightclub shooting, ex-intelligence official warns of spillover effects of U.S. politics



From American designer Willie Norris to Indian doctor Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, GQ celebrates influential trans creators.



Legislation that imposes restrictions on the LGBTQ plus community has been introduced across 35 states this year alone.



The blowback to Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special, produced by Netflix, has reached a boiling point. Imara Jones, creator of TransLash Media, a media non-profit that focuses on the transgender community, joins Amna Nawaz with more perspective on the matter.



Amid a wave of Anti-Trans bills, trans reporters say 'telling our own stories' is vital


Yahoo! News

The backlash over Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, The Closer, has not let up, continuing to spark dialogue about comedy and corporate responsibility...


Cheddar News

Imara Jones, CEO of Translash Media, joined Cheddar to discuss the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix comedy special.

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Opinion | An Anti-Trans Hate Machine Threatens Americans' Civil Liberties



Imara speaks on life growing up Black and trans in 1980s Atlanta.



At The Recast we’ve been eyeing the rapid growth in anti-trans bills and wondering: Why now? What’s driving this? So we tapped journalist Imara Jones, who just launched a limited-run, investigative podcast on these bills, to offer her perspective on what’s really going on. Let’s jump into it.


Pride Live

This year, we took Stonewall Day (SWD) to Los Angeles and the historic Coliseum as part of the Twitch Pride Festival presented by OutLoud to connect today’s generations to the Stonewall legacy.



The Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning journalist has a broad vision for trans liberation — one that starts with how we report on our communities.

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Imara Jones speaks on what is owed by Biden to trans people including the decriminalization of sex work, reversing weaponization against trans people...

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Newsweek takes a moment to congratulate Imara Jones on the progress for transgender rights currently being made by the Biden-Harris Administration and examine the work of TransLash.



NPR's Audie Cornish talks with journalist Imara Jones about how increased transgender representation in media and politics impacts the trans community.



Imara Jones, an independent journalist and founder of TransLash media, told NPR's All Things Considered, that this moment has been "a crucible"...


Teen Vogue

"The Future of Trans" shows how trans adults imagined what their life would be like when they were young. Imara Jones joins Teen Vogue to discuss...

elle magazine


Imara was featured in Elle's '20 Women Of Color In Politics To Watch In 2020' article compiled by She The People, a "national non profit network of women of color committed to social justice and voter mobilization."

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Imara appears on the Buzzfeed podcast New's O'Clock, where she talks about creating space for trans people to tell their own stories, you can find the link to listen on here as well.



“Being a Black network at this point means they have a heightened responsibility to Black trans people,” said Imara Jones, author of the open letter...


In a piece written for i-D, Imara goes into the necessity of centering Black trans women in the movements for Black equality and liberation.


In her Q&A with Forbes, political journalist Imara Jones talks about starting her show 'The Last Sip' (set to return in 2020), what sets it apart from other new sources, and the importance of representation in journalism.

The Advocate

Click here to read Imara's piece with The Advocate where she explains the meaning of Trans Day Of Remembrance (November 20th), what she's done to pay respects to trans lives lost to violence and neglect, and her hope for a world where we won't need to celebrate TDOR.


Gay Times

Imara Jones, trans activist and creator of TransLash – an organisation devoted to amplifying trans voices – also said: “Oftentimes people can see at Pride the police presence...

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Exit goes on to write about Imara Jones and how she encompasses the term 'Queer Warrior' through her existence and exquisite work meant to help the world understand and embrace the trans experience, read it here.


The Wrap

The Wrap adds Imara Jones as a member of their '30 Women Who Saved Entertainment in 2020' ChangeMakers list as a part of their Power Women Summit. Click here to see where.

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Yahoo! Entertainment

Yahoo! Entertainment covers a conversation between Imara Jones and actress Angelica Ross on their respective organizations, what led them to founding them, and what it means for them to live as they are. The article, as well as a link to watch the conversation, can be found here.

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