TransLash Podcast

Listen to the podcast made to provide a space in the world of audio strictly for trans people and their allies in an attempt to educate and save trans lives.

Press Updates

Read the most recent press updates from different sources ranging from Time Magazine to Forbes, about Imara and her powerful outreach and work.

ATHM: A Plot Against Equality

Listen to the most recent episode of The Anti-Trans Hate Machine, a limited-series podcast, from TransLash Media. This four-part program takes us behind the curtains of the people and institutions driving the anti-trans backlash across the country to expose a highly-organized political apparatus, which makes the future potentially darker for everyone. To do so, we center the voices and stories of trans people, as well as their families, who are victimized by this hostile movement with our award-winning journalist Imara Jones guiding us along the way.

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